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november 18, 1996: b e n t .

They say that the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line.

But they also say that a perfectly straight line, mathematically speaking, of course, does not exist.

There is an invisible but evil straight line one block from my home.

(All straight lines, even if they did exist, would operate in two-dimensional space and are therefore be invisible, you see. (or don't see))

It is the nightmare line that begins at Kinkos and terminates around the corner, at Safeway.

All that cross the line, or dwell at its tips, are subjected to a fate similar to torture.

It is very bad.

"Don't take me there!" I hear you begging me.

I won't. For now.

Instead, I will bravely break from tradition and do something I have never done before. I am bending my own lines, and posting a photo here.

I could not help it. I am doing it in tribute to Christine, who deserves a prominent picture in my ReadMe. (n.b.: there are more bitchin' photos of christine on the cyborganic TND site, from where I stole this one).

Write her and tell her how fabulous she looks.

but keep me out of this.

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