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april 6, 1997:
a missing hour

and the death of a prophet

Allen Ginsberg died yesterday.

And to think, only 23 hours would have brought him to the same time, the next day.

Because last night, early this morning, we lost an hour.

I like to think of that hour as the Lost Hour That Never Happened. What did I do that I no longer remember?

There it was, for a minute; my Impossible Hour.

<rebeca's mother>: Isn't it wonderful that the same time that a huge population of "sane, non-paranoid" humans on earth are celebrating the anniversary of the day that some man ascended to "heaven" that those same humans are so dumbfounded that 37 others could kill themselves in order to ascend to a UFO alongside a visible comet?

<rebeca's mother>: Your father says, who knows, maybe they are on a UFO.

<rebeca>: I agree.

To be certain that they are not in a UFO is not that far removed from being certain that they are in one. Both positions are untenable. The only thing that is certain is uncertainty itself.

Like (H)Eisenberg's Uncertainty Principle states: all things are perpetually in motion, so we can never know where they are, their size, or the exact nature of their properties.

For most people, it seems, life is a constant struggle to add certainty to the uncertain. We choose religions, workplaces, relationships, and cults of all kinds in our every day life.

We stereotype, make averages, and judge by perceived probabilities. We make thousands of mistakes when we do so. It is the backbone of bigotry, violence, and fear.

Live with uncertainty! Embrace the extraordinary. After all, it is only uncertainty that does, in fact, make almost anything possible.

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