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February 23, 1996: sick

i woke up this morning, freezing.

and coughing, and wheezing, and really really cold.

and mad at myself for not updating the page last night.

and definitely a little scared, i think.

i went to safeway, and bought some bagels, and some junk food, and a lot of cold medicine.

i plopped down on my couch, under my electric blanket, and turned on the tape from last night's must-see t.v. on nbc. it was actually a little funny. i laughed out loud a little, i am embarassed to admit (but am doing so anyway.). maybe i really needed to laugh, or something.

anyway, i fell asleep during it anyway, and slept pretty much from 9 am until 4 p.m.

then i scooted back off to cyborganic.

i got some stuff done.






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