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october 19, 1998:
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a sparkle in the rust

Now that I contribute to and participate in mass media for a living, I feel a lot less guilty about deriving profound meaning from what otherwise would be considered mindless and meaningless television.

I figure, if I take the time and energy to go (thanklessly) the extra mile in efforts to wedge an intelligent message into an otherwise vapid column or television appearance, why would I expect the writers, directors and producers of, say, MTV's 'Real World' to act otherwise?

I have derived some real understanding from MTV's 'Real World.' Most recently, in fact, yesterday.

Yesterday's episode showed as a sub-plot one of the character's (Rebecca, coincidentally) forays into music creation, production, writing and performance. Rebecca had a nice voice (as Rebeccas often do); not beautiful, but she could carry a tune, which strikes me as rare in itself, even among musicians I know and respect.

A friend of Rebecca's was visiting her at the Pier-house, and she wrote the lyrics (and helped shape) a song that he played on his guitar. Then she performed the song in a studio and played it back for her Real World pals. It was good, impressive. And seemed believable, as well.

On the show so far, Rebecca has been portrayed as pretty much the goody-two-shoes; not a drinker, doesn't smoke, always watches out for the other kids, that sort of thing. And all of a sudden she is revealed acheiving this incredibly brave and creative act of writing and performing her own music.

What struck me in this scenario was the nonchalant and highly ironic way that she literally shrugged off her accomplishment: "I have a certain level of confidence in myself," she said calmly and warmly. "If I put my mind to it, there is really nothing that I don't think I can do."

How? "It comes from inside."

Call me a goofball, but I found that refreshing. Arousing, invigorating. Cleansing, perhaps.

What a fine exercise to believe in ourselves.
And what a simple and reasonable place to look for inspiration and strength: within.

pssst: might as well watch Internet Cafe on PBS this week.

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