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june 8, 1997:
having my cake
and eating it too

<mole> The way I look at is: Those of us with actual motivation, education, and intelligence, are obligated to make that ultimate sacrafice: not having a lunkhead retail-sales job and going to bars every night.

<rebeca>It seems more and more clear to me daily that I turn to a very different group of people for emotional support from the group of people that I have sex with. I wonder, is that uncommon? Is that a bad thing? As long as I receive both, I should be happy, right? And I don't think that it is that I reject emotional support from my sex partners, and as far as I am aware, I am not stingy in giving it myself, but I don't know why there is usually such a wall between those two sets, and when the lines are crossed, the relationship is often ruined. That concerns me.

<mole> But you told me that you, yourself, take that approach with your partners; that you dont promise them your time, and reserve it on a as-wanted-basis.

<gristle> uploading about 1M of pics

<mole> you wish he liked you more, and you wish you had a purely sexual relationship.

<gristle> all men are weak but me.

<mole> And I too wish more women were more comfortable with unfettered sexuality. Gay men sure are.

<gristle> you came on WAY strong

<mole> It's called "closing down" and its a bad habit ...

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