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june 28, 1997:

"Becky, you need to take some time away from it all; you must take a break. I see it building up; you didn't have to tell me. If you let it send you over the deep end, then what good are you?"

"It's the money, Grandma. I can't work any harder. There are weeks when I don't leave my apartment but for short meetings or Safeway."

"Why didn't you tell me about your cat needing surgery?"

"I knew you would worry."

"No one tells me anything. Except you; you tell me things."

Her light has burnt out in her bathroom. She called her manager to change it, but he takes his time.

"Lois comes on Tuesday. She can fix anything."

Meanwhile, she uses a hot bulb screwed into a socket-converter.

"Grandma, you need to take care of yourself."

"It's good that you have your reunion tomorrow, Becky. You need to unwind."

She's so damn stubborn.

"You're like me, Becky."

"I wish I were like you, Grandma. I am more selfish."

"I have always had this inferiority complex. Becky, Edward's injury isn't your fault. Life is not fair. There is no justice. These things shouldn't happen but they do. Ever since Grandpa's death ... " Her voice trailed off. "I stay alive because of Elliot; he needs me."

"I need you too, Grandma. I need you too." I was crying.

It's amazing what happens when you turn the computer off. All of the flame-mail; the angry insult; the petty sniping goes away. It no longer exists. I'm in my parents' house, alone for one night until my parents return from their trip tomorrow night. In a couple hours I'll be woken from a short sleep (and I really need sleep) to pick up Christine from the airport so that she can join me, Romy and Michele - style, for our 11 year high school reunion.

"Things will be okay, Becky. Everything will be okay."

My grandmother is never wrong.

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