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july 2, 1997:
Full Disclosure

"Dave's Not Here!"
Obviously, the only way to resolve this issue is with a mini-FAQ.

Where are you?

I'm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

How long have you been that way?

Since Friday morning, June 26.

Why are you there?

Well, I came in to attend my 11-year high school reunion on Saturday night (my class was a tad too disorganized to throw a 10-year reunion, sadly), and stayed the week to spend much needed time with my family, in particular my Grandmother, who is my favorite person in the world.

So, since you brought it up, did you purposefully misquote Mike Godwin so that he could look bad in front of the millions of readers who turn to the fabulous Netly News daily for their on line news fix?

I didn't bring it up, but since you ask, I misquoted Godwin accidentally (which my wonderful editors Josh and Noah quickly fixed with my permission) ... and trust me, I will live to regret it forever.

(damn lawyers! O:>)

So, what's the deal? Why aren't you online all the time like usual?

As I mentioned, I came into town to spend time with my family, and that is what I am doing.

So, how was the reunion?

It was a blast, thank you. Except that I forgot to call mom and dad to tell them that I was staying out all night.

And how is grandma?

Grandma is amazing. She is always amazing.

Are you staying out of trouble?

Do I ever stay out of trouble?


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