READ ME ... yeah, right. Right?

I'm sick of everyone else having on-line diaries. I want one too.

What is this all about? Maybe you should read the READ ME READ ME.

january 14, 1996: it's not my fault.

i have been bitching and moaning and whining for so long about how i hated the content of the internet, it was so boring, it was so unoriginal, it was so, well, not about me.

i have been wanting a forum to bitch and whine and drone on and on forever about things that are interesting to me, and probably boring to everyone else.

only then will true revenge be mine.

so here it is, my on-line zine, READ ME.

and i even have a topic for today.

today's obsession is: how i want to live in a geek house.

i am so excited ... i might be able to live in an actual geek house, in san francisco, with real geek roommates, and even a t-1 connection to the internet.

how 90's! how microserfs! how real world! how gen-X! how ... multimedia gulch! oh ... bliss!!!

but i can't talk about this anymore. i don't want to jynx it.

instead, why don't i talk about what i received in the (snail) mail today?

in a beautiful gold box, i received a present from r.j. reynolds. a "holiday collector's pack" of camel lights.

"seasons greetings, from the camel family."


i smoked them anyway, of course.

today i also thought about those cyberstars. do i want to be one of them? maybe, but if it means i have to create a lot of links to things outside of my pages, forget it.

you will stay here ... i chant ... and you will read read me.

i was reading about justin, and his links from the alleged underground. you will note that this is my second reference to justin in these pages, and i'm not sure if he knows or cares that i exist... or, more importantly, that READ ME exists. and why should he? i like his pages, particularly for the glimpse it offers of naive cyber-stardom. i do wish, however, that he would spell better and use proper diction. too many dangling participles ... it really gets to me. i did notice, strangely enough, that he put up a faq the same day i did. please, be advised. i thought of my faq all by myself. and i like mine better, anyway. it's about me.

but reading his page was very useful. i learned several things. first, i learned that most of the cel-web-rities are male. second i learned that -- gasp! -- bianca is male. off my chick list he goes. (sorry, dude, can't have it all.) third, i learned that anyone who attends some party with the "elite" of wired magazine is a far cry from having standing to claim that he writes from the "underground." this suspicion was confirmed when one of his hot new links happened to be something i had noticed quite a few weeks ago.

perhaps i am just bitter. sue me. make me live in houston, take away my most loyal friend and rabbit, dump me heartlessly, make me read my nightmare hippie poetry over and over again. that would really suck. but you can't shut me up.this is the internet ... one strange place.

i am sure that justin is a great guy, however. i mean, jonathan loves him. and i do enjoy pondering bemusedly upon how wretched he will really feel when he is ten years older, if he thinks he is unhappy now. and he does like suck, albeit the very non-underground-owned-by-hotwired publication that it now is. i'll give him credit for that.

(hey! i don't claim to be underground, okay?)

speaking of grammar, joey and carl of suck use grammar that would impress even the most anal former harvard law review editor... although they deny it. ah, denial strikes even the most elite of the elite. dubious consolation, but consolation nonetheless.

so, anyway, once again, i put up my faq this last middle-of-the-night. read it!





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