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january 15, 1995: another day, another obsession.

i bet you thought i wasn't going to update this daily? me too.

well, i'm happy to report that i am over my geek house obsession, which swiftly faded when i was informed that it is a totally unhip obsession to have, and, even if it were a hip obsession to have, that i stripped it of any potential credibility by means of unstylishly overusing the word "cyber" while describing it.

i also received quite a bit of feedback on read me and my other well-meaning home page enhancements today. i was told that my home page made one unfortunate individual literally vomit, and that it caused several others true angst due to the fact that ice-t had publicly dissed me so shamelessly, as i describe in my ever-expanding rebeccaFAQ. in fact, beyond the well worn "laughing out loud" and "rolling on the floor laughing," one poor web surfer even reported "peeing in his pants" over the event that caused me more humilation than i thought would be humanly possible, even for me. my one saving grace after learning of the physical problems some readers claimed to have suffered at the hands of my tragic story was remembering that i had disclaimed myself of any liability for physical discomfort from reading my spew. guess i knew that that law degree and bar membership had to come in handy somehow.

worst of all today was being informed that i likely made several enemies by slightly criticizing the grammatical skills of a certain young web visionary.

so be it. i have no SF apartment; i have no SF job, but my fascinating neighbor appears to be back in town, and now i am distracted by my old obsessions.

but, before noticing the return of the well-travelled neighbor, i did manage to torture myself over other life failings today. i need to lighten my background colors, i need to straighten out my ABBA gifs, and, worst of all, i am now convinced that i am nobody until i learn to speak unix fluently and work flawlessly on a silicon graphics workstation. i am beginning to undertake this new mission with all seriousness by spending as much time as possible practicing unix on the icb. i am never going to give up that netcom shell account ... as long as i live. it is so useful.

at work today, i learned new and unimaginative ways to crash the powermac 7100. after it was up and running for the fourth time, i did manage to set up the CU-SeeMe station, so anyone who wants to can watch me code unix commands on the icb.

well, for better or for worse, i head to san francisco on wednesday nite. you'll hear from me before then, however. lucky you.

oh, and to demonstrate my good faith to justin, i am posting one outside link today, as long as you promise you will return.






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