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july 17, 1996: ME ME ME ME ME

many of the letters i restate the same tired old complaint over and over again.

frankly, this is getting dull

Steve D sniffs:

My God, you REALLY are in love with yourself aren't you? Thanks for the laughs though!

Ann Marie whines:

happened upon this - get over yourself

Craig D ponders:

After viewing your slightly self-immersed rantings via the world wide web, I got to thinking about your motivations for producing such a thing.

Sure. I like myself too, and I've done lots of interesting stuff...

But : Why would I create a web page about myself? Who could possibly be interested?

William D. B. foams at the mouth, before ultimately apologizing:

Have you ever considered seeing a doctor about your overwhelming fascination with yourself? You seem to have this excessive need to go on and on about you and your mindless, boring exploits.

Give it a rest, Rebecca - the world is filled with people like you so you might try to find a few and start a "We're the Most Important People in the World, a Legend in our Own Minds" club.

Translation: you are as conceited as Oprah and as mindless as a trout - get a life.

Dear All of the Above,

Sigh. You know how I hate to repeat myself.

I have already discussed my views of all art as self-absorption, as well as my views on self esteem and depression. I don't think that I come off as being always so very happy with myself.

I have a whole list of clips of writing that are more commonly about social justice or hip hop music than than are about me. I always getting in people's faces about sexism and racism and bad music and shit.

I even mentioned this in my faq.

Nonetheless, these questions persist.

Well, instead of giving you the most obvious reply ("if you don't like it, don't read it, l0ser!") I instead have some questions for you.

You seem to be arguing that I am self absorbed because I think I have something to say and I say it. Do you have something to say? If you did, would you know how to say it? And, if the answers to these questions are no, does that make you somehow superior to me? Since you view it as a positive characteristic to keep your mouth shut, then does that mean that you like yourself less? And is that good?

Thus, it follows that, if what it is that makes me self-loving is that I like to state my opinions and my point of view, are you not guilty of the same crime by writing me? Is it not arrogant of you to assume that I care what you have to say about what I have to say?

Furthermore, if it is self loving of me to think that other people might want to read my rantings, how does your reading of them prove me wrong?

And, if you think I am self loving because I write in the first person and describe how I view the world from the vantage of my personal experience, would it make me any less arrogant to try to state how the world is from your point of view? Or, if I write about things of which I have no understanding or experience, would that make me less self loving?

How about if I wrote about things that are not-me, but wrote in a condescending, patronizing and contemptuous tone, as do the writers at suck? Would that make me less self-loving, and thus less offensive?

Perhaps you assume that anyone who would rather write and attempt to understand the world, than work as a cog in a big corporate wheel is self-loving and arrogant. If you are correct, then I cannot help but conclude that the world would be better if more of us were so inclined to be self-loving and arrogant. At least, we might have less corporate beaurocracy, and more intersting things to look at and read. I am not the hugest fan of the conventional work world, being the non-capitalist that I sometimes play on tv.

I guess, at bottom, i stand by my position that we are all, in part, self loving and self hating. And, even more so, that we like ourselves more than we hate ourselves. Those who do not commit suicide and die off. it is darwinism in its most human, and, i submit, least destructive form.

So, in conclusion, as Ruth Gordon said as Maude in Harold and Maude, and as Joani Blank writes in her guides to masturbation,

Go love [yourselves] some more!

Have a great day,






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