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december 31, 1997:
r e w i n d

From Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle:

<some dame>: Dorothy, is it true that you live in a rat's nest?

<Dorothy Parker>: Oh, I like my apartment; it is just large enough for me to lay my hats and a few of my best friends.

I am about to become very boring for a little while.

It will be okay.

I'm not sure I understand it, but while I was complaining the year away; while losing more battles than I was winning;
while I was dreaming and fearing, assessing the facts and pondering the possibilities;
while growing older and thinking ahead ... but losing my faith and falling behind;
while carving epitaphs for lost friends,
and taking down signs that non-friends had hung on me;
and most of all loudly, shrilly and wistfully sobbing for BOTA -- that which I eternally crave and am forever denied
(with gratitude to bradburn and jakob for BOTA, defined) --

it appears that quietly on my lap were accumulating a whole slew of the things I was hoping for, and some of the things that I did not even realize that I wanted, but nonetheless did.

Ironically the latter strikes me as the most rewarding of all.

There will be time for stories soon. For now, I must slow down, head off, and work on the one that I have been calling this life.

Happy New Year, indeed.

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