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Contributor, Silicon Spin (see my Spin Bio) and ZDTV News.
For more television, radio and speaking appearances, see References

CBS MARKETWATCH, Weekly Columnist
Nouveau Geek, weekly commentary on thorny Internet issues and business practices
(Press release, August 26, 1998)

DIGITAL MOGUL, The Entertainment Executive's BS- and Buzzword- Free Guide to Digital Technology
Market Mettle/Future Days columnist, Industrial strength analysis for New Mogul minds

THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER, Regular Columnist, Writer
Net Skink, bi-weekly column on Internet business featured in the Sunday Biz Section Other pieces in the Examiner:
Weekly ASCII Magazine

  • Article about the Microsoft antitrust verdict, published in Japanese in Weekly ASCII, November 24, 1999.  [ new! ]
Fast Company Magazine

Knowledge Management Magazine


Ms. Magazine

  • Rebecca L. Eisenberg, The Trouble with Censorware, Ms., September/October, 1998, pages 38-41.
  • Rebecca L. Eisenberg, Girl Games: Adventures in Lip Gloss, Ms., January/February, 1998, pages 84-87.
Entertainment Weekly

Wired Magazine

Yahoo! Internet Life

MacUser UK

Access Magazine

The Web Magazine

  • Rebecca L. Eisenberg, Writing the Great American Novel Online, in the Print/Zines Section, February, 1998, pages 66-67.
  • Rebecca L. Eisenberg, Mine Your Own Business, in the Money/Business Section, November, 1997, page 72.
  • Rebecca L. Eisenberg, Addicts at Work: Why Adults Play Games on the Job, Games Section, September,1997, pages 63-64.
  • Does Apple Still Have Juice? (with Yael Li-Ron): The Mac versus PC debate continues - with some Web twists. Computer Section, May, 1997, pages 54-55.
  • Shopping Section -- Travel and Cars, April, 1997
  • Computer Web Sites, April, May/June, July/August, 1997.
On the Issues Progressive Women's Quarterly

  • Rebecca Eisenberg, Up Against the Law: Review of Still Unequal: The Shameful Truth About Women and Justice in America by Lorraine Dusky, On the Issues Progressive Women's Quarterly (Winter, 1997), pages 52-53.
Mac Addict

NeTProfessional: macintosh solutions for internet professionals

  • Rebecca Lynn Eisenberg, Mobile Server Control With the Newton MessagePad 2000, June/July, 1997, pages 46-47.
The Net Magazine

The Red Herring

The Netly News

Wired News

Gamasutra: The Art and Science of Making Games

the fray

Online Journalism Review


Grrl Gamer
Monthly Columnist, Game Grrl

Writing the Jewish Future: NFJC International Jewish Writers Conference

ZDTV/msnbc's The Site




ZPK4 (A German Magazine of Net Criticism)

addicted to noise



Stating the Obvious / Suck Harder -- the official zine of Suck castoffs and rejects.
Gangsta Barbie


Electric Minds
Co-Host, Media Shock (Media and Technology) conference

  • You can check out more of my writings in my position of Co-Host (with David Hudson, formerly with Steve Rhodes) on the Media Shock conference, (where I am known as mars).
The 9th Anniversary Digital Be-In
Netcast Reporter, Web and Be-TV

Geek Cereal
Flake, Initial Producer


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